Our church building was completed in 1902, making it more than a century old. We give thanks for many decades of faithful ministry in this community and the surrounding area. A number of our present congregation have lived through many ground-breaking changes in our church over the years. Specifically, over the past thirty years, ministry at KCPC has become far more contemporary in its style of worship than it ever was.

Apart from changes in worship style, there have been physical modifications internally and some done externally. Some were for practical reasons; others were driven by spiritual conviction. But we know that moving the furniture around does little to enhance the move of the Holy Spirit.

Of note is the reality that in recent years, with people being able to travel more easily, our membership draws from areas way beyond Kenilworth. We have a large component of people who hail from other African countries. There is also a group of Brazilians; some missionaries and others, church people, who are mainly from the Presbyterian Church in Brasil. They come to Cape Town to learn English and then either return home or move on to their mission field.

KCPC is a mixed group who thank God for every opportunity to proclaim His good news to the community.

For a booklet (PDF file) of a brief history of our church kindly compiled by Ian and Hettie Glass, click here.


The leadership of the church is called the Session. The Session comprises elders elected, under God’s guidance, by the congregation. the Moderator of the Session is the minister, also called the teaching elder. Our Session is made up of the following persons shown in the picture to the right. KCPC SessionThe picture is assembled as you see it to emphasize the nature of the Session. It is not hierarchical in structure. The teaching elder is not meant to rule and dictate, but to moderate.