Kenilworth Community Presbyterian Church (KCPC) is a community of believers Jesus of Nazareth?who love Jesus and enjoy coming together to worship God. In worship, God equips us to live out our faith for Him. We have a rich history of more than 100 years of ministry to this community and the surrounds. Our mission is to be bearers of the Good News of Jesus Christ so that by God’s grace Jesus Christ will change our lives and the lives of others as we serve Him willingly.

KCPC is a member of the Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa (UPCSA). The UPCSA is a new denomination founded on the union between two older denominations, namely the Presbyterian Church in South Africa (PCSA) and the Reformed Presbyterian Church (RPC). This union took place in 1999. The emblem of the UPCSA is the cross with the burning bush as the background. The image is in the menu bar, top-right. The burning bush is reminiscent of the encounter Moses had with God in the desert. God revealed himself to Moses and called him to liberate Israel from the tyranny of their Egyptian masters. The bush was on fire ‘however, it was not being burned up’.